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Code Of Ethics

Recognizing the fact that in the conduct of our business, no individual or concern in any community can act regardless of his neighbors and competitors, and that while the spirit of competition has been so deeply imbedded within each human being as to cause it to enter into and influence, every transaction, but at the same time believing there are methods of competition which are clean, honorable and legitimate, where by we can compete without wronging others and without demoralizing the business in which we are engaged, do pledge our full support to the following Code of Ethics.


We believe that our industry is honorable and that we do provide a valuable and necessary service to the public. We are ever mindful of the part that our industry plays in the life of our community.


We recognize that our industry has a responsibility to maintain the highest possible standards in selecting products and music for play on phonographs in order to serve the public with the best of our ability.


We shall price all services at levels that will provide fair and just compensations for our efforts, and shall never take advantage of those not familiar with our business practices or methods. We shall handle all complaints courteously, admitting errors or mistakes and shall make adjustments cheerfully and promptly.


We shall cooperate with all public officials and government agencies in every proper way and comply with all laws and regulations fairly levied, pertaining to our business. We shall maintain an active interest in civic affairs and in matters pertaining to the public welfare.


We recognize fair and ethical competition as a means of making our industry more efficient and to stimulate the greatest possible service to the public. We shall constantly recognize and respect the rights of competition and shall refrain from using unfair methods, practices or tactics in our efforts to promote business.


We shall always be mindful of the services that the suppliers of our industry provide and shall treat them and their employees with respect, dignity, and courtesy. We shall meet all obligations promptly, in accordance with recognized, and established credit practices.


We shall employ people of good reputation and skill and shall compensate them fairly and adequately according to their individual abilities and skills, and shall furthermore, provide time for training programs, opportunities for advancement where possible, and safeguard for the prevention of injuries and accidents. We shall provide healthful and pleasant physical and moral surroundings and shall be constantly alert to the needs, welfare, and happiness of each employee.


We shall faithfully execute all contracts, to conduct our business and affairs in such a manner to gain the confidence and respect of fellow operators, customers, manufacturers, suppliers, and the general public.


We shall faithfully analyze the needs and requirements of locations, and recommend the equipment best suited to these needs. We shall at all times deal fairly and justly with locations and condemn all forms of practices that tend to discredit the industry or injure its public relations.


We shall always conduct our business in a manner that will reflect the very highest citizenship and in accordance with the By-Laws of the Association, and to actively support a program of public relations for the industry.

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