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Member Benefits

Membership Benefits for AMOT Members:

1. Communications:

a. Membership Directory
b. AMOT Website
c. Monthly Newsletters

2. Information Resource:

a. We maintain a library of sample location contracts

b. General Business License Holder forms required by the Texas Comptroller to do business in the State of Texas

c. Occupation Tax Permit forms required by the Texas Comptroller for each machine you
have on location.

d. We have copies of the Texas Penal Code for amusement machines, copies of legal cases resulting in a benefit to our business.

e. Contact information on getting help to file amended returns for sales tax paid on plush and many other forms and letters useful to individuals in the Coin Op Vending Business.

3.Scholarship Programs:

We currently match the AMOA scholarship winner to assist students in furthering their college education

4. Discount Program

You must be an AMOT member to receive these discounts. Contact Toni at 512.472.1043 to find out how you receive these discounts.

Coast to Coast will give a 5% discount on all merchandise, no minimum purchase, and free shipping on plush.

Redemption Plus is offering Free Freight on any order placed for crane & merchandiser kits or redemption.? They're also giving all members 5% Off any kit order over $1000.? You can view their full selection at ?

Toy Barn will give all AMOT members 10 cents off? on 12 boxes Jumbo or Small, and free shipping. They will also give anyone free shipping on orders of 6 boxes or more.

Toy Factory has offered a 5% discount on plush and a reduced freight charge if you ship 150 lbs. or more. (150 lbs. is about 8 boxes.)

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